Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Just to be absolutely clear from the start…. you do not have to partake in any walking skills modules or guided walks to be able to enjoy our country cottages! If you just want the accommodation and the facilities that’s fine by us.

Additional Free Facilities at Tregynon Cottages

Tregynon Cottages Map Room

The Tregynon Cottage map room is the central hub of the walking packages designed to make you a safe and competent walker. It is also an Aladdin’s cave of walking and other local reference material to assist you in your learning and to ensure you have a great holiday. You can use the map room for free any time of day and night to plan your own routes if you prefer to be independent, or we will happily help you to route plan if you wish to include us as part of your learning experience. As with everything about Tregynon Cottages it’s your holiday and your choice.

From the grounds of Tregynon Cottage you can clearly see Foel Eryr (meaning Eagle Mountain) marking the Western end of the Preseli Hills and this is an excellent reference point for you to relate the map to what the ground actually looks like – an essential part of starting to understand map reading and route planning. Although off the beaten track, the Preselis can become your walking hotspot.  There are two mapping tables to give you the space to spread out and there is a wealth of local and Pembrokeshire-wide route information. There is also a small library of reference books for those who want to know more about birds, flora and fauna which you can borrow free of charge. And on the walls are some maps to help orientate you. Finally and most importantly, the daily synoptic weather chart is available upon request to further assist your planning.

Tregynon Cottages Drying Room

Yes it does rain, occasionally, in Pembrokeshire and yes, occasionally, someone might stand in a puddle or worse, fall in one! At Tregynon Cottages you will be given your own ample sized, secure, cupboard within a communal drying room in which to leave your wet kit. Not only do these facilities ensure that your kit is ready to serve you the next day but they also help you to avoid having to sit with wet kit draped over your radiators and that in turn helps us to ensure that the cottages stay clean and in the condition expected by you and other guests. Each cottage also has its own washing machine.

Spare Gear

We also carry a limited range of spare walking gear should you find you have forgotten something and you need a stop-gap before you can get to a walking shop to buy a replacement.


When guests are undertaking any walking modules or guided that require them to be transported to another location we can provide transport to and from the venue although in the first instance guests may wish to use their own transport in order to then continue with their own plans on completion of the walking skills module or guided walk. If time and other commitments permit, it may be possible, by prior arrangement, to dropped off and picked up guests on a linear walk.

Car Parking

There is ample private parking within the grounds and adjacent to the cottages. You can leave your car there free of charge all week.

Cyclist Friendly Facility

Tregynon Cottages has been accredited as Cyclist Friendly by Visit Wales. It has a dedicated bike lock-up, a bench for undertaking repairs and a bike cleaning facility. While the winding country lanes provide ample opportunity to enjoy cycling, national cycle-routes are also located close by.


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