Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

What Makes Discover Walking Pembrokeshire Different

We have built our business around three core features which, combined, make us that bit different from other walking and holiday letting businesses:

  1. We fit in around you.

We care passionately about delivering the perfect walking skills and guided walks packages to suit your needs: we want you to look forward to your experience with us knowing that it will deliver exactly what you want and exactly when you want it during your holiday.

The aim of our walking skills and guided walks business is to ensure you stay in control of your holiday – you plan your days and we will go out of our way to fit in with you.

We can offer this flexibility because we have broken walking skills down into a number of independent modules and the guided walks into half and full day walks for you to choose which ones you want to do and when. You might want one module or walk or several: It is definitely not a case of one size fits all.

We can offer this flexibility because we are a small company who puts its guests first – this is our flexibility promise and we are hugely proud of it.

Compare us with other companies:

  • they can sit you in a classroom or formal teaching environment for every day of your holiday but we do not.
  • they will only offer prescribed guided routes following a well-rehearsed timetable and your only choice is to take it or leave it. But we don’t do that either. We let you choose which routes you want to go on having told you about each one: your choice.
  • While other walking operators will recommend accommodation, we can provide exceptional quality 4* self-catering country cottage accommodation on site for you if you want it… See below.

How we differ:

  • We are the only Approved Activity Provider in South West Wales that is dedicated to providing walking skills and guided walking.
  • We listen to you and understand what you want and then we work hard to deliver that at the time of your choosing – its your journey and we deliver it at your pace.
  • We practise walking skills along the routes that you have planned in order to further hone your walking skills – and what a real sense of satisfaction that can give you.
  • On our guided walks we would run through the options and explain what is on offer – history, culture and geography – on each walk, how long it is and how strenuous it will be and then let you decide which one you wanted to go on.
  • We are relaxed, but professional, in how we teach walking skills and how we conduct our guided walks, from first to last: we work tirelessly to ensure that you enjoy each day and have fun learning these life changing skills.
  • And of course we fully understand and agree that you will want to enjoy plenty of other aspects of your holiday away from the walking.

Think of learning walking skills and the guided walks as  journeys in themselves:  you won’t learn or see everything in one holiday and why should you even try? Do as much or as little as you want to and then come back another time, and learn or see some more. Perhaps make it another season and see more of Pembrokeshire’s many changing colours.

We aim to achieve such a bespoke approach by:

  • talking to you and understanding your needs long before you arrive at Tregynon Cottages
  • advising you on how long you might want to spend on the various walking skills depending upon your previous experience.

It really is entirely up to because you always stay in full control

Some may prefer to wait until they arrive to discuss what they want to do with us: that’s also fine.  In such cases we will work hard to maintain as much flexibility for you as we can around what others may have booked in advance.

If you don’t want any walking tuition or guided walks that’s also fine: just come and enjoy the cottages and feel free to use the map room and drying room facilities – they are all available at no extra charge to you. As we said, we are all about flexibility and giving you the holiday package you want.

  1. Accommodation Standards and Additional Facilities.

We understand that you place great importance on the standard of accommodation and the facilities available to you on holiday. We are absolutely confident that you will be delighted with our stone built, cosy, self-catering country cottage accommodation which sits above the ancient Gwaun Valley and in the foothills of the mystical Preseli Hills in North Pembrokeshire. As one of our guests commented recently: ‘It is rare to find a place that genuinely feels so loved. We hope anyone who stays here enjoys the experience as much as us.’ Visit Wales have examined and accredited the cottages as 4 star standard. Why not look at the Guests Comments page on this website and see what others have said. In addition to the cottages we provide the following facilities free of charge for you:

  • unlimited ‘Superfast Cymru’ wi-fi in each cottage
  • individual secure spaces in our drying room
  • a dedicated map room with reference library
  • several walking routes start from the cottages
  • transportation further afield can be arranged on an opportunity basis
  • we are also accredited as bike-friendly and provide a secure, dry bike store
  • washing machines in the cottages.

The cottages themselves are served by a new biomass heating and domestic water system providing heating and hot water all day and night. They were re-decorated and re-carpeted throughout at the end of 2014 and new leather suites and new combination TVs were installed at the same time.

With the overall package of accommodation and additional facilities we are confident that Tregynon Cottages goes that extra mile in its focus on providing what you want.

  1. Value for Money

And we also know that you are looking to pay a fair price for the exclusivity that being part of the Tregynon Cottages ‘family’ brings. Our business values are wholly compatible with your expectations – guaranteed quality of a tailored service at the right price.

  • We do not charge extra for towels, bedding or heating.
  • We do not charge extra for your use of the additional facilities: there are no hidden or unexpected costs.
  • Nor do we charge for the personal touches or the caring determination that puts you at the heart of all we do.
  • and our advice on the local area is all freely given.

Our role is to ensure we provide you with excellent value for money by at least meeting and hopefully exceeding all of your reasonable walking and accommodation needs at the price you expected.

It is the combination of these core features that makes Discover Walking Pembrokeshire different – you and your needs come first at every turn.


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