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Walks Into the Preseli Hills from the Doorstep

A Flavour for the Variety of Walks into and around the Preseli Hills from the Doorstep of Tregynon Cottages

We can provide guided walks to anywhere around North Pembrokeshire, especially into the Preseli Hills which stand as a sentinel above the cottages, or you can explore the area yourself. Either way, we will provide you with maps and suggested walking routes. Here are just a flavour of the walks immediately adjacent to our cottage accommodation.

Those who have previously visited Pembrokeshire have praised the variety of what was on offer. They have talked about the ‘stunning scenery’ enjoyed while on the coastal path and in the rolling and mystical Preseli Hills. Tregynon Cottages are perfectly located for you to share the same experience of both the coast and the hills. The cottages sit high above the ancient Gwaun Valley – a glacial valley between the Preseli Hills and the Carningli (Mountain of Angles) – and are surrounded by working farmland and the rolling countryside: they are close to the picturesque coastal village of Newport Pembrokeshire. Permitted rights of way, taking you in several different directions, run 50 metres from the cottages. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park open-land – which marks the edge of the Preseli Hills – where you can walk freely all day, is only half a mile away. You don’t have to drive if you would prefer not to.

There are, literally, hundreds and hundreds of miles of walks in Pembrokeshire and the variety of walking opportunities they offer are endless. There is definitely something to suit every taste: long and short walks, difficult and easy walks, themed walks. More details about walking routes is available free of charge for you in the map room at Tregynon Cottages.

The following walks illustrate how perfectly positioned Tregynon Cottages are.

The Gwaun Valley and Preseli Hills View – a 50 Metre Walk! The shortest walk from Tregynon Cottage is only fifty metres in length from the gate! Simply head to the corner of the farm shed to enjoy the beautiful long distance view along part of the distinctive tree-lined Gwaun Valley as it stretches North East before turning below Carningli mountain and heading to Newport and the coast. From here, turn a little to your right and you can also see the Preseli Hills running away from you to the East. This short stroll is an excellent one to ‘get under your belt’ as soon as the car is unpacked (we’ll do that for you!): we hope you will immediately be inspired by the majesty of the valley and the tranquillity of your surroundings. A great way to start your holiday and you’ll certainly be home for tea!

The Waterfall and Roundhouse Settlement View – a 200 Metre Walk! The next shortest route is only 200 metres in length and is in the opposite direction. One spur will take you to the nearest waterfall while the other will bend you further round to the west  and a little way along a narrow track you come across the small, grass covered but distinctive iron age settlement. Tregynon Cottages means ‘settlement place’. Take a moment to ponder what our ancestors must have been thinking when they stood exactly where you now stand, looking over the Gwaun Valley and up to the Preseli Hills, nearly 3000 years ago. Don’t fall in the pond either going or returning from this walk and you will still be home for tea!

The Foel Eryr Summit – a 5 kilometer round trip to the top and back! Only1km away from Tregynon Cottages the lower slopes of mighty Foel Eryr (Eagle Mountain) start to rise, gently at first. This mighty sentinel is the guardian of the Western end of the ancient and mystical Preseli Hills and it has watched over the land since it was born 450 millions of years ago. It witnessed the glacial melt-water carve out the Gwaun Valley at the end of the last ice age about 18,500 years ago. Foel Eryr is reached by a slow, or brisk, walk back along the track that brought you to Tregynon Cottages, through farmland and then a short climb into Open Land and up to its summit, upon which sits a triangulation point and a large Bronze Age burial mound. Foel Eryr presents to you a spectacular panoramic view which stretches for miles and miles. To the east runs the spine of the Preseli Hills with Cymcerwyn (Mountain of the Dead) – the highest peak in the Preselis – in the foreground and, tantalisingly close but just out of sight sits Carn Menyn the proven source of the Stonehenge Bluestones and Bedd Arthur one of the acclaimed resting places of the king himself!  At the far end of the Preseli Hills you can see the imposing hill fort of Foel Drygarn. To the north sits Carn Ingli and her hill range running East to West towards Fishguard and pointing to St Davids beyond. To the north, and clearly visible immediately beyond the Carn Ingle range, lies the Atlantic Ocean and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path: of its total length of 186 miles, much of its northern end can be seen from Foel Eryr. And inland to the South sits the Llys y Fran reservoir; the scarred face of the Rosebush slate mines; and beyond, mile after mile of rolling green agricultural farmland and National Park. Don’t forget to take the binoculars (we have a spare pair) to look back down into the Gwaun and to see Tregynon Cottages below you. And yes, you will still be home for tea!

For the more energetic, Foel Eryr sits on the less well known, but none-the-less inspiring 70 miles long Preseli Hills Circle Walking Trail (and the Golden Route – so named for the trade that passed along its way over millennia) centred on the Gwaun, the Preseli Hills and North Pembrokeshire and encompassing part of the ancient pilgrimage route from the North down to St Davids. But if you do the whole 70 miles you will not be home for tea so take your sandwiches!

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path – a 6 kilometer drive (or an energetic walk over Carn Ingli!). Stretching for 186 miles from its Northern-most starting point at Poppit Sands near Cardigan around the coast to Amroth in the South Easterly corner of Pembrokeshire. This jewel in the Pembrokeshire crown passes only two miles, as the crow flies, from Tregynon Cottages. It is impossible to do it justice in written words, just come and see it for yourself! There are a number of recommended sections of the path depending upon what you want to see and there are several books, references, etc available for you from the map room and we can advise you on where to see it at its best at different times of the year. You can drive to several car parks and then use the Poppit Rocket (the local coastal bus, which is seasonal) or we might be able to help you with transport to or from your walk.

Carn Ingli – a strenuous 3 kilometer walk each way! This is one of our favourite walks, providing stunning views of the Preseli Hills, the coast, including Newport Pembrokeshire and its Sands below you and the distinctive Dinas Head promontory. Carn Ingli also presents the lure of an exceptional vantage point for a clear sunset. The Carn Ingli range is about 2.5 miles long and consists of gentle rolling hills that stretch from Carn Ingli itself, West towards Fishguard. A conveniently situated car park at its mid-point provides a good alternative starting point and enables the walker to conduct the total walk in two separate sessions if preferred. Allow plenty of time to stop and look around. You can be home for tea but I would suggest you take a picnic and have tea up there!



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