Walking for health is another reason to learn hill walking skills
walking for health reasons - another excuse to get decent boots

Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Walking for Health – Hill Walking is the Answer 

If you are not sure whether walking is for you, you might want to consider some of the following walking for health and well-being advantages of this outdoor activity – beyond the obvious one of experiencing the beauty of rural Britain:

Hill Walking for Health and Fitness Benefits. There is a general move towards improving health and fitness and increasingly people are turning to outdoor activities that promotes both. Exercising in the fresh air, while enjoying the surroundings, meets the bill perfectly. You can walk for many year beyond the time you hang up your squash racket, sell your golf clubs or throw your running shoes in the bin!
Environmental Matters. Not everyone feels comfortable going to the coast or exploring the countryside, especially if it’s their first time or if they are only used to city life. People are increasingly interested in environmental matters – caring for the environment and wanting to learn more about it: getting closer to nature. They want to watch the changing seasons. Walking in pleasant, attractive surroundings is also a relatively inexpensive way to see the countryside. Walking allows  you to become comfortable in coastal and countryside environments and presents the perfect opportunity to begin to understand them.
More Leisure Time. As we live longer we may have increased leisure time and some are looking for new leisure activities and hobbies. There is an increasing interest in self-improvement – not just seeing something but actually doing and learning something new – and for others it’s about self-discovery. Perhaps for some it offers a chance to find sense in their lives.
Questioning Lifestyle. Some want to re-invent themselves and slow their lives down and walking for health and well-being reasons closely aligns with this desire. Sitting on a hill watching nature at work, feeling a sense of belonging and understand more about the world and experiencing a relief from the complexity and clamour of life has health and well being benefits. Just being able to switch off from normal life and enjoying a sense of freedom – becoming a skilled walker provides you with the ability to achieve that.
A New Physical Challenge. More and more people want to test themselves with a new physical challenge such as walking, hiking and rambling.  Hill walking health and improving your physical fitness with the added advantage of some great views seems like a good deal!.
Understanding the Land and Home Grown Food. Many visitors may drive past fields without understanding what’s growing but there is an increasing interest in fresh, home-grown food and walking gives you an excellent opportunity to see where food actually comes from at first hand and where locally sourced foods are then prepared and sold to the consumer. Similarly, visitors may gaze out to sea without appreciating the vast life that lies beneath the waves: a walk along the coastline with the right information can help the walker to understand so much more.
The Need to Satisfy ‘Different’. Some walkers just want to complete the route, others see the navigational challenge as the buzz and others want to use the route as the means to experience and learn something different.

Whatever your motivation …… be it walking for health reasons or any of the others listed above, you need to be safe and competent. Let us help you to become both in order to ensure you can fulfil your motivation for many happy years to come.


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