Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Some Thoughts for the Novice and Inexperienced Walker

Are you concerned about any of the following?

  • How to ensure a great walk every time you plan your route
  • Your map reading skills
  • Your understanding of what your compass can and cannot do
  • What should be in your rucksack
  • What the weather might do and how it might impact on your route
  • What to do if something goes wrong

But … at the same time your holidays are precious to you and you want to enjoy every minute relaxing with your partner, loved ones or on your own. The thought of a week in the classroom or receiving formal tuition out in the hills is not what you are looking for but at the same time you know that you have a responsibility to yourself and to those you take walking.

And therefore … because you recognise your responsibilities but you don’t feel that confident, you are being prevented from getting out there and taking advantage of the sights and the health benefits arising from a great day in our moorlands and hills?

I know how you feel because that was the exact position I was in a some years ago, only rather than being sensible and recognising my inexperience, it took a near calamity to make me do something about it (see A Cautionary Tale)!

And that is why we have put together a series of walking modules for you to really benefit from.  We are based at Tregynon Cottages in the Gwaun Valley, just below the Preseli Hills in the Pembrokeshire National Park and near the famously beautiful Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. For beginners and those with little walking experience, the Preseli’s offer an excellent playground to practise all of the modules. The hills are open and wild enough to enable great route planning and navigation but the going is physically easier so that the beginners can concentrate on learning and not be distracted by having to fight the terrain. The scenery and the views are excellent and the huge dollop of pre-history  and folklore ensure that each day is full of fun as well as learning. And all this is delivered at your pace because this is the beginning of your hiking journey.

At Tregynon Cottages we are dedicated not only to providing you with the necessary beginners hiking skills to get out there, but we aim to deliver them around you and your holiday plans. We can do this by aiming to be as flexible in our delivery timings as you want us to be. For example several of the Hiking for Beginners modules can be delivered in the evenings after you have returned from a day doing your own thing or early in the morning over coffee before you go to enjoy one of Pembrokeshire’s many castles or markets etc. When you are ready: so are we. Obviously some of the Hiking for Beginners modules lend themselves to daylight hours and some dedicated time will be necessary to gather around a map or go out and practise some basic skills but the message is simple: it’s your holiday and you stay in control: we will fit in as best we can around you and everything else you want to do.

And of course you will be able to take advantage of our map and planning room (and the drying room!) free of charge. These facilities are explained in more detail at the Additional Facilities page under the Our Cottages drop down menu.

Our business aim is to achieve your exact holiday balance and our business values are equally simple – a quality package for you at a fair price. And we throw in a few little extras – that extra mile – well, we think that comes as standard. That’s what makes your Tregynon Cottages walking skills experience unique – we are all about you: you come first.

Three Suggestions
Look at the following suggestions. They will allow you to unlock those iconic walks that you want to undertake safely and competently, with your loved ones or on your own.

Firstly, go and buy a copy of any walking magazine (e.g. Trail or the Live for the Outdoors etc.) and look at the pictures of the featured walks. That will absolutely convince you that you want to be out there exploring with confidence.

Secondly, look at the hiking modules that we can offer you. Our aim is to provide any combination of these modules to you during your stay with us in the 4 star accredited 16th century self catering cottage accommodation (See the Our Cottages drop down menu).

Thirdly, pick up the phone, or fill out the Enquiry Form or even better, book some time at Tregynon Cottages (also using the Enquiry Form) and we’ll get back to you to take things forward.


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