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‘Safety’ and Competence’ – Some Definitions

Walking in the hills and moorlands in the UK does not require much highly technical knowledge and neither is it inherently dangerous, but the unexpected mishap can sometimes occur. By being properly prepared for your day walk you will significantly reduce the chance or any mishap and by knowing what to do if it does occur you will significantly reduce its impact.

Safety starts with effective planning and knowing what to do if the plan has to be changed. It’s about understanding the information that is available to you and using it to correctly influence your planning; it’s about awareness of potential dangers during the walk; what you should have in your rucksack; and how to let others know if you get into bother. Please note our safety package does NOT include any first aid training although we do make reference to the obvious advantages of having this life-skill.

Competence is all about achieving the level of navigational skills to enable you to: read and understand what the map is telling you; match your surroundings to the map and visa versa; know how to measure your progress over the ground; recognise when you are not quite where you thought you were; understand the importance of sitting down and having a cup of tea while you think things through; and know what you can use your compass for.

If you want to know why we are so passionate about imparting safety and competence skills, you might want to read about our own irresponsible experience a few years ago which could easily have ended in tears! (See A Cautionary Tale)


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