Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Why You Should Learn Walking Skills

By developing your walking skills you will be able to take great confidence from knowing that you have taken a huge step towards minimising the probability of something going wrong. BUT, equally, if it does go wrong, you will know what to do to put it right.

Your competence will enable you to be more flexible while outdoors – perhaps to take in another hilltop view or take a small detour to see another stone circle – and to be conscious of any safety considerations before committing yourself to a change of plan or route. This flexibility is your way to being able to maximise your enjoyment.

And if that is not enough, by being safe and competent yourself, you will set the right responsible example to all members of your party and encourage them to become equally safe and competent in order for them all to enjoy many more great experiences in the moorlands and hills around Britain … and that is reason enough to sort it out, now.

To be safe and competent in the moorlands and hill you don’t need to be a mountain expert of many years’ experience. Instead you need to know how to plan your route taking into account your own aims for the walk and the fitness levels of those going with you; you need to be able to read hiking maps and in doing so understand how your map and the ground relate to each other; you need to understand how the weather might impact on your walk; and what to take with you; and finally you need to know what to do if something goes wrong.

If you are interested  in gaining the safety and competence skills that we can offer you at Tregynon Cottages, contact us by phone, e-mail or the Enquiry Form at any time for further details.

If you are already convinced and you know that we have what you are looking for, lets get started! The hills are ready for you.


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