Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Learning a New Skill and Further Consolidation

Maximising flexibility is the secret to ensuring that all guests receive as much bespoke training time as they want. Some will only need a short refresher on a subject while others might need to learn something from scratch. It is also vital that no one feels pressured because others in the same group want to push on while they may still be unsure about a particular point and want more time to practise. For that reason we will be available to fit short modules in at the beginning and end of the day for refreshers while focussing on more thorough learning during regular hours.

For learning a new Skill. Our preference and aim will be to try to work with guests from one cottage at a time when learning something for the first time – perhaps learning which way is up on the map and learning how a compass might be able to provide us with some clues. By working with guests from one cottage at a time we can keep group sizes to a familiar minimum, this will keep pressure to a minimum and we can work at the right pace – after all this should be a pleasurable experience: it is certainly NOT a formal, pressured course. Notwithstanding, the teaching is conducted to absolute standards.

For Subsequent Consolidation Session. Some of the consolidation modules, such as going for a walk for a few of hours to practise matching the land to the map, practising pacing and timings and taking compass bearings and plotting them etc do lend themselves more to guests from both cottages partaking together because individuals can still work to their own pace and no one feels they are holding anyone else up. It is also my experience that much pleasure is to be gained by meeting your neighbours and having a good natter as we amble along enjoying the scenery or while we stop for lunch.



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