Providing you with the skills and confidence to be able to fully enjoy the hills and moorlands of the UK – that’s our business.

Walking Skills Modules

We Offer Training in a Variety of Walking Skills.

We believe that giving you the tools and the skills to use them will generate the confidence you need to be safe and competent in the hills and moorlands.

Our Walking Skills Modules are below: you can either decide yourself how you want to approach learning the skills or you might want to talk to us and we can guide you in your decision. Our experience suggests that because all the modules are important and because they are all interlinked and help you to understand the single ‘big picture’ (e.g. understanding the weather forecast will influence your route planning and impact on the clothing you wear and what you pack in your rucksack) you might want to think about building up your skill levels across all modules over a period of time.

You do not need to be an instant expert is every aspect of each module but you will, immediately, be safer if you are honest with yourself about your own competence levels. And you then plan your walks accordingly. Think of it as a longer game and perhaps aim to increase your skill levels over a period of time. Again, we would be very happy to talk to you about that longer approach. Remember, this is all about what you want: it’s your journey and should be undertaken at your pace.

Map Reading

  • Different types of maps and map scales
  • Symbols and contour lines
  • Grid references and distances
  • Orientating the map (which way is up?)
  • Signs of risks and hazards

The Compass

  • What it does
  • What it doesn’t do!
  • Common mistakes

Weather Forecast and Why it is important

  • Sources of weather forecast
  • Its impact on the planned route
  • Its impact on the ground
  • Its impact on what you wear
  • Visible signs

Route Planning

  • Achieving the aim of your walk?
  • Group and individual considerations
  • Considering the impact of the terrain
  • Time and distance calculations
  • The impact of terrain on timing and distance
  • Building in safety – telling someone where you are going!

What to Wear and What to Carry in your Rucksack

  • Hiking Boots and socks
  • Layer management
  • Contingency clothing
  • Spares
  • Food
  • Water
  • First Aid kit
  • Communications and torches

Miscellaneous Issues

  • What to do if something goes wrong!
  • The Countryside Right of Way
  • Animals – yours and those in the fields!
  • Night Navigation
  • Wild camping and camp discipline
  • Global Positioning Systems

In addition to the above we would be happy to explore any other topics that you might be interested in. Just let us know.


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