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Flexible walking-skills packages and 4 star accredited country cottages in the Preseli mountains of Pembrokeshire – that’s our business.

Tregynon Cottages -the home of our Pembrokeshire Guide

Testimonial About Our Pembrokeshire Guide:

On my recent holiday in Pembrokeshire I was lucky to be guided on three walks/drives by Ian – he is such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide with a remarkable understanding of ancient history. And he was always ready to point out the many wild flowers in the area and the huge variety of trees. We had really beautiful weather but I think walking in this part of Wales with such a guide would be enjoyable at any time.  

Norma Papp

London 15 May 2016

Walking with Our Pembrokeshire Guide

Ian is our Discover Walking Pembrokeshire Guide. He can offer you guided walks and guided sightseeing days in and around North Pembrokeshire. These guided will vary in length and ‘theme’ according to what you want.


Full and Half Days Out In PembrokeshireLet us be Your Pembrokeshire Guide

Again, as with all of our products, we want to be as flexible as possible to ensure you remain in control of your days out in Pembrokeshire and so the following Pembrokeshire Guide Programme can offer you three different types of full-days out and two types of half-day out:

Guided Full Day Options

  • A full day guided walk which can vary in length from about 6 – 10 miles depending upon what you want.
  • A full day guided sightseeing, by road and visiting several places.
  • A full day with a guide consisting of a half day walking (2 – 4 miles) and half day of driving/sightseeing.

Guided Half Day Options    

  • A half day guided walk (3 – 5 miles)
  • A half day sightseeing

And a Pembrokeshire Guide Mystery Choice!!

But there is a fourth choice(!) ……… you might prefer to let Ian our Discover Walking Pembrokeshire Guide choose a mystery route for you!

Oh, and a Free Sunset Walk

If a couple or an individual undertake two full day walks or three half day walks they will be entitled to join in a sunset walk for free (worth £15 per person). Note: the weather conditions will dictate whether the Sunset walk goes ahead. The timing will vary according to the time of year. More details are further down this page.


For a full day out with our Guide:                      £100 per couple, or £75 for an individual. (Note additional entrance fees and boat transfer fees may apply on some trips).

For a half day Out with our Guide:                    £50 per couple, or £37 for an individual.

Examples of Full days out with our Pembrokeshire Guide – 7 Guided Walks

We have an extensive range of walks to cater for different fitness levels and the exact wants of the customer. Each walk comes with local stories of pre-history, modern history, geology, custom and Welsh folklore. During the following full days out in Pembrokeshire you can expect to walk for approximately 7 – 8 hours (with breaks for rests and photos). The approximate mileage is stated alongside each walk.

  1. The Preseli Ridge Line. Walk from Tregynon Cottages along the Preseli ridge line taking in Cwmcerwyn (highest peak in Preseli Hills), Carn Menyn (source of the bluestone at Stonehenge) and the iron age hill fort at Foeldrygarn. Short drive to Neolithic stone circle at Gors Fawr, and the megaliths at Rhosfelin and Pentre Ifan.

Approx. 8 miles

  1. Carningli and the Last Invasion.    Drive over Carningli range for sea views and onto Dinas Head (3 mile circular walk). Drive to Fishguard Fort and walk the route of the 1797 Last Invasion of Britain. Visit the Neolithic burial site and Garnwnda. Drive to Strumble Head for sea views and then to the iron age hill fort at Garn Fawr. Visiting and walking at each site.

Approx. 6 miles total with driving in between.

  1. The Gwaun Valley and Newport. Walk from Tregynon Cottages down into Gwaun Valley and up over Carningli to Newport (Parrog, estuary). Walk to Nervern the seat of the Norman invasion and pilgrims trails.

Approx. 7 miles, strenuous in places.

  1. Moylegrove to Newport Coastal Path. Drive to Moylegrove. Spectacular and remote coastal path walk with dramatic geological features and coastal flora and fauna and walk back to Newport.

Approx. 10 miles.

  1. Porthgain and an Industrial Past.    Drive to Porthgain, circular walk to Abereiddy and back encompassing coastal scenary and the slate and granite mines. Drive to St Davids. Drive to Whitesands Bay and walk to the Neolithic site at Coetan Arthur and taking in the chapel site of St Patrick who left Wales from here to take Christianity to Ireland.

Approx. 5 miles total with driving in between.

  1. Solva and Ramsey Island. Drive to Solva. Superb Coastal walk East to Dinas Fach then inland to Pointz Castle and back to Solva. Option is to have boat tip around Ramsey Island (additional cost) and a shortened walk from Solva along coast and back. This variation will depend upon tide times.

Approx. 6 miles

  1. St Davids Peninsula. From St Davids cathedral and bishop’s palace, south to the coast and west past St Non’s chapel (birth place of St David), to Porth Clais (the original harbour for St Davids) and round to St Justinian’s with magnificent sea views across the Sound to Ramsey Island.

Approx. 10 miles.

Examples of Full days out with our Pembrokeshire Guide – 7 Full Sightseeing Days
  1. Ancient Preseli

A.M.                      Bluestone Monument; Gors Fawr Stone Circle; Pentre Ifan.

P.M.                       Castell Henllys Iron Age hill fort (entrance fee); Rosebush Slate Quarry.

  1. The Norman Invasion

A.M.                      Nevern (Fort, Church and Celtic and Pilgrim’s Crosses and bleeding Yew trees); Newport; Penfeidr Viewing Point.

P.M.                       Cardigan Castle (entrance fee); St Dogmaels Abbey and Coach House.

  1. The French Invasion

A.M.                      Fishguard Fort; the Invasion Tapestry; Carregwasted Bay (1 mile walk).

P.M.                       The invasion route and a burned bible; a secret pilgrimage spring; Garnwnda burial chamber; and Strumble Head.

  1. Industrial Pembrokeshire and St Davids

A.M.                      Porthgain and Abereiddy – limekilns to slate and granite quarrying; coal mining in West Wales.

P.M.                       Porth Clais; St Davids; and St Non’s

  1. Pembroke Dock Naval History

A.M.                      Pembroke Dock past and present. Museums included if desired (entrance fees) *

P.M.                       Dale Peninsula – From the Iron Age, through WWII and onto the Cold War; views of Skomer Island and Jack Sound.

  1. Bosheston to Monobier Castle

A.M.                      The Green Bridge of Wales; Bosherston Lillie ponds; St Govens hidden chapel.

P.M.                      Stackpole Quay and Barafundle Bay (1 mile walk); Manorbier Castle (entrance fee); Carew Castle (entrance fee) and its tidal mill.

  1. Caldey Island and Tenby

A.M.                      Visit the island and its Cistercian Monastery (entrance fee)

P.M.                       Tenby – a brief history; Narbeth Castle – entrance to the underworld!

Examples of Full days out with our Pembrokeshire Guide – 7 Half Sightseeing and Half Gentle Walking
  1. Carningli and Newport

A.M.                      Walk along Carningli Ridgeline to Iron Age hillfort with views of the Atlantic and the Preseli Hills. (Approx 3.5 miles)

P.M.                       Tour around Newport; its estuary and Nevern.

  1. Eastern Preseli Hills and Ancient Sites

A.M.                      A gentle walk to Foeldrygarn (hill fort and Bronze Age burials) and then to the site of Stonehenge bluestones (Approx 4 miles)

P.M.                       Sightseeing at several pre-historic sites (Gors Fawr; Rhosfelin; Pentre Ifan)

  1. Gwaun Valley and Fishguard

A.M.                      A gentle walk down into the Gwaun valley through an ancient settlement and ancient woodlands to the best tea-room in the valley (Approx 2.5 miles) and a visit to St Brynach’s church.

P.M.                       Sightseeing at Fishguard Fort; the last Invasion Tapestry; a heroine’s grave; the site of the surrender; Strumble Head and Garn Fawr ancient hill fort with excellent coastal views (Approx 1 mile)

  1. Porthgain to Abereiddy and St Davids

A.M.                      A coastal walk through Pembrokeshire’s industrial past with seabirds and marine wildlife and the Blue Lagoon, home of Red Bull Cliff Diving competition (Approx 4 miles)

P.M.                       Sightseeing at St Davids Cathedral and Bishops Palace* £5; St Non’s.

  1. Ramsey Island Boat Trip and Coastal Walk

A.M.                      Boat trip around Ramsey Island £25 *; St Patrick’s chapel, where the Saint left Wales to take Christianity to Ireland.

P.M.                      Coastal walk along Ramey Sound, taking in St Justinian’s, the new lifeboat station, and St Davids headland (Approx 4 miles)

  1. Solva and the Dale Peninsula

A.M.                      Sightseeing in and around Solva Village and harbour.

P.M.                       Sightseeing by road, south along the coast seeing several of Pembrokeshire’s best beaches; a walk around Dale peninsula (Approx 3 miles) with its 600 years of history and 450 million year old rocks (Approx 1 mile)

  1. Pembrokeshire Dock and Pembrokeshire’s Finest Castles

A.M.                      A history of Pembroke Dock through to WWII

P.M.                       Visit two of Pembrokeshire’s finest castles – Manorbier £5 and Carew Castle, £5 (approx 3 miles)

Or You Might prefer our Pembrokeshire Guide to take you on a Mystery Tour?

Ancient Preseli – On this 7-mile route will follow the ancient trackways of your ancestors; stand in the stone circles and avenues of Neolithic man; pause by bronze age burials on the Mountain of the Dead; and look out over the coast and the plains below from within the ramparts of once mighty Iron Age hilltop forts. And the secrets of why these mighty bluestones were taken to Stonehenge will be revealed. But it is not the ghosts of our warrior ancestors that keep the local people off these hills at night …. it is the Tylwyth Teg, the fairy folk who lure the unsuspecting traveler into the underworld.

Gwaun Valley and Carningli – On this 8 mile walk you will discover why the Gwaun is a special place; carved out by glacial meltwater, its steep sides are, today, covered by ancient woodland and along its floor the river Gwaun gentle meanders its way to the sea. You will follow in the steps of St Brynach, a 6th Century Welsh Saint, who came to exorcise evil demons and you’ll learn why Carningli – Mountain of Angles – earned its name. Topped by a mighty Iron Age hillfort and extensive bronze and Iron Age settlement, Carningli commands inspiring views down over the coastal path and the Atlantic. But back in time the coast was very different …..

 Invasion! – On this walk 4 mile walk you will understand why, in 1797 Britain was gripped by fear of a French Invasion. You will stand where the invasion fleet was first sighted; visit the secret cove where the invaders came ashore and hear stories of their demise. You will visit the headstone of Jemima Nicholas, Fishguard’s blacksmith heroine and learn of her story. And see the remains of the burned Welsh bible used as fuel for a French fire on that bitter February night before surrender amidst rumour of oncoming mighty British forces. The walk crosses a pilgrimage route to St Davids; reveals a hidden holy well and Celtic-cross stones embedded in a medieval church; and a unique hill-top cromlech with far reaching views of Strumble Head and its lighthouse.

Coastal Walk – This coastal walk will be approximately 5 miles in length but the location will vary depending upon the time of year and the weather conditions. Spring and summer flowers, early winter seal pups, early spring sea birds or just mile after stunning mile of breathtaking clifftop views and 650 million years of geology are guaranteed to impress even the most confirmed city dweller. You will learn where Wales first broke the surface of the sea and where it has travelled since and you’ll gain an insight into how the sea, ice and volcanic eruption has shaped what we see today. Dolphins and porpoise and the occasional whale might pop up to say hello. And are lights below the surface …..?

Our Pembrokeshire Guide Sunset Walk (Weather Dependent)

A brief drive to Mynydd Dinas (or higher!) and a short gentle ascent to this vantage point overlooking the Atlantic to watch the sunset. The walk is a continuous but gentle ascent past ancient burials, way markers and track-ways and you will be able to sit where our ancestors sat to watch this awe-inspiring spectacle – sunset over Pembrokeshire.  The walk is barely a mile each way and is on a compacted dirt track. Bring spare warm clothing as the temperature will drop in this exposed area at sunset.


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