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 Walking Skills and Guided Walks Comments ….

Ben and Kayleigh Lawrence
Ben and Kayleigh Lawrence London 6 May 2017
“As we weren’t too confident roaming the Welsh landscape we acquired the skills of Ian and Carol’s ‘Discover Walking Pembrokeshire’ guided walk and discovery tours, this was by far one of the best decisions we could have made. To call Ian knowledgeable would be an understatement. His passion and willingness to teach and pass on his walking skills, together with his knowledge of the local area, wildlife and plants made our day not only special but extremely enlightening and inspiring.

Thank you, Ian and Carol, for giving us such a perfect holiday and helping us create so many wonderful memories. We would highly recommend using your guided walking services and we will be back very soon for more!”.

Lynne Compton
Lynne Compton New Forest 2 May 2017
“We have been to Pembrokeshire on many holidays but we discovered whole new areas and new information on our day out with Discover Walking Pembrokeshire. We were taken on a tour of the Preseli mountains with very interesting and knowledgeable historical and mythological information about the places we were looking at. We then had a wonderful walk along quiet roads flanked with banks of Spring flowers which lead down to a secluded beach, returning along the coastal footpath.The walk was tailored to our abilities with lots of stops to look at the stunning views and to hear more of the history and tales of the area. We really enjoyed the day out.”.
Juana Kennedy
Juana Kennedy New York 18 August 2016
“There are not many guided walks of the Pembrokeshire coast, most are self-led. After looking for sometime, Discover Walking Pembrokeshire was highly recommended by a tour leader in the area. I spent three days in August on guided walks of the gorgeous coastal path, the charming seaside towns and the Preseli Hills. Ian is an excellent and enthusiastic guide who is knowledgeable about the area.
Dave and Doris Fogerty
Dave and Doris Fogerty North Wales 23 June 2016
“Although we have visited Pembrokeshire on a number of occasions and undertaken some walks we wanted to gain an understanding of the local history as well as finding walks which we were unaware of.
Norma Papp
Norma Papp London 15 May 2016
On my recent holiday in Pembrokeshire I was lucky to be guided on three walks/drives by the dynamic and enthusiastic and knowledgeable Ian Pattinson. On the first day Ian showed me the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline interspersed by diversions into the countryside. We went from Newport past glittering small bays and tiny villages as far as St. David’s. From a square tower rising above the trees, the drive down a steep hill revealed a splendid cathedral on a truly domestic scale alongside the ruins of the huge Bishop’s Palace in the valley, built this way to conceal it from the raiders which constantly harried the coast here. (snippets of information supplied be Ian). On our next outing Ian took me to view the many Neolithic and Iron Age sites with which this area abounds. Ian has a remarkable knowledge of the burial mounds, stone circles and fortified remains of these ancient villages. A later tour was of Norman and French invasions in the area. These were all seen off by the locals. The Normans could not subdue the Celts and the French had to contend with the women in national costume giving the appearance of a large army. Near the holiday cottages which Ian and his wife rent, I was taken on a really beautiful walk through a wooded valley of bluebells and wild garlic with a rapidly flowing stream with small waterfalls. Ian was always ready to point out the many wild flowers in the area and the huge variety of trees. I was fortunate enough to have really beautiful weather but I think walking in this part of Wales with such a guide would be enjoyable at any time.
Loretta and Helen
Loretta and Helen Manchester 30 March 2016
We came to visit Ffald-Y-Brenin and through you we visited Pembrokeshire. You took us on a journey through time and place with such passion, inspiration and feeling that we feel now that we are a little part of the wonderful picture. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you across the hills, the visits to the ancient burial sites and the very spectacular walk along the coastal path in the afternoon. The feeling of well-being from your very warm hosting and guidance is not something one often finds. And all this was only a taster’!
Simon and Bells Purslowe
Simon and Bells Purslowe Perth Western Australia 26 March 2016
A great short stay, full of a balance of interesting walks,views, historical facts and local knowledge.
Kayleigh Lawrence
Kayleigh Lawrence London 19 December 2015
The tour with Ian was so interesting, I especially loved the Jemima Nicholas story. I cannot wait to come back and learn more about this beautiful place.
Shaun Holder
Shaun Holder Brisbane Aus. 26 October 2015
Ian is a great walking instructor and I learned a massive amount from him on the day he and I walked together in the Preseli’s. I particularly liked the way he adjusted the pace of learning to suit my previous knowledge.
Maudie Hughes
Maudie Hughes Pembroke Docks 30 July 2015
Discover Walking Pembrokeshire enables walkers to really get the most out of their visit, whether they are relatively new to their walking boots, or seasoned and experienced hikers. Ian offers a tailored and professional package of skills training, covering everything from the basics of kit preparation to more in depth understanding of map reading and using a compass. The courses combine theory and practice, and in comfortable and welcoming surroundings. Ian and Carol take time beforehand to find out what you wish to achieve, and ensure that the course is tailored to suit. Highly recommended and a great way to really appreciate walking in Pembrokeshire.
Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith St Albans 7 July 2015
Thanks so much for a brilliant day – the fact that I enjoyed myself so much even in the terrible weather says a huge amount about the quality of your teaching (and indeed, your sense of humour!) I feel like I’ve learnt a huge amount about how to plan my route and walk safely and with confidence! The practical work really helped me fix your teaching in my mind, and will stay with me. I found it invaluable and can’t wait to try out my skills! I’m so glad I found you guys and won’t hesitate to recommend you.

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